Economical polishing compounds for the entire automobile industry

For refining, polishing, maintaining, repairing and protecting

Menzerna has the most economical products for refining, polishing, maintaining, repairing and protecting. Developed precisely according to the requirements of industry and trades. And also for private use. Automotive polishing agents that deliver brilliant results systematically, economically and safely. For automobile manufacturers, automobile industry suppliers, body & paint shops and vehicle detailers as well as the end user. Menzerna automotive polishing compounds inspire the entire industry.

The number 1 contact in the automobile industry

Automotive polishing compounds for coatings, automobile interiors and body trim

Perfect coating surfaces are a must for automobile manufacturers, automobile industry suppliers, vehicle detailers and coating shops. But end users want to polish their vehicles to a brilliant gloss as well. Automotive polishing agents from Menzerna get the job done.
Automobile manufacturers have special requirements due to production line operations. The cycle times have to be met or optimised. Cleanliness at the workstation has to be ensured as well. With Menzerna you can polish out flaws quickly on a wide variety of coating systems. With no discernible polishing marks. We offer a system of coating polishes, polishing pads and abrasives for this purpose.
Automobile industry suppliers require polishing compounds for interior and exterior body trim made of coated wood, plastic or aluminium. Temperature-sensitive coated components are not allowed to be heated by the polishing process. Menzerna polishing emulsions ensure a high process speed with a controlled surface temperature. Body trim made of metal is polished to a deep gloss with Menzerna emulsions and solid pastes. Residues can be removed quickly at low temperatures in a degreasing bath.
Vehicle detailers want to remove signs of use and weathering quickly over large areas. This significantly enhances the value of used vehicles. Repairing damage is the focal point for vehicle coating shops. The motor vehicle trade demands quality, process security, cleanliness and speed. We offer polishing systems that consistently meet these requirements.
End users and car dealerships trust the finish & care systems from Menzerna. They make it easy to polish vehicles to a high gloss by hand. The one-step products ensure perfect polishing results with minimal time requirements.

Successful, reliable products for the automobile industry

The latest polishing technologies from Menzerna are based on industry standards. One-step products and user guidance save money and streamline the polishing process. Menzerna automotive polishing compounds are high-performance products, safe and versatile in application. From automobile manufacturers and automobile industry supplies to vehicle detailers and body and paint shops, Menzerna is the best choice. For automotive coatings, automobile interiors and body trim.
Our automotive polishing compounds remove scratches, varnish runs, overspray, streaks, clouding and holograms. Efficient blending is supported by our automotive polishing compounds as well. You can use them to restore surface finishes. Or to produce various gloss levels all the way to a show car finish. Long-lasting protection against environmental influences preserves the value of coatings. That is why old timer fans also swear by our products.

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