Protecting and maintaining the value of boats

The latest polishing technology for the boat industry and private users

With Menzerna boat polishes, professional users work systematically and economically. Menzerna supports boat builders, ship yards, boat reconditioning operations, service and repair stations, boat charter companies and discerning private users with the latest polishing technologies. With the polishing systems tailored especially to gel coats, Menzerna navigates the industrial user through the polishing process quickly and confidently. That saves valuable time and money.

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Menzerna polishing process recommendations for the marine sector

Tailor-made for the requirements of the marine industry

Menzerna offers the right boat polish for any application case and every gel coat. Boat builders have to smooth gel coat moulds and polish out defects in the fresh gel coat after it has hardened. Furthermore, boat builders benefit from the efficiency and low consumption values of Menzerna products. Polishing processes become far more economical. After the boat has been delivered to the dealer, scratches caused during transportation have to be removed – without producing dust and contaminating adjacent areas. Charter companies maintain and care for their fleet of boats, getting them ready for the new season. With Menzerna boat polishes, they are able to do so in just one process step with brilliant results. After the demands of a long season at sea, boats are sent to the boat detailer or service and repair station. Often with ugly fender marks, yellowing, chalking and dull spots. With the application of Menzerna boat polishes featuring the latest polishing technologies, the gel coat quickly looks as though the boat had just been launched again. Glossy and free of holograms. Sealants maintain the durability of the gel coat over the long term, offering excellent protection against adhesion, salt water and bleaching by UV light. Without any rework through the entire season. The smoother the gel coat, the more economical the flow characteristics. Thanks to the straightforward processing and systematic identification of the products, private users can also enjoy revitalising their boat’s gel coat and protecting it over the long term. With Menzerna boat polishes, you maintain the lasting value of your boat.

Convincing effect on all types of gel coats


You define the objective, Menzerna supplies the right polishing agent for any type of gel coat. Gelcoat Liquid Sanding from Menzerna, is ideal for preparing any gel coat for subsequent polishing. Menzerna delivers the desired gloss level on dark and light gel coats. Mobile homes and caravans: Manufacturers, dealers and proud owners finish these gel coat types in premium quality with the powerful gel coat polishes offered by Menzerna.

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