Boat polishing made easy

Value retention and gel coat protection

Menzerna offers professional boat polishes for all types of gel coats: Surface preparation, removal of scratches, yellowing, dull spots and removal of sanding marks. For a deep gloss and flawless surfaces. You can choose from two classic systems and one premium system. Your advantages: Superior polishing processes for working efficiently with low material input in less time.

Menzerna boat polishes – for working efficiently

Boat polishing, gel coat protection – with the Menzerna system

For a yacht or utility boat, regular boat care is a matter of course. Not only to maintain a good appearance but also for value retention. That is why Menzerna is the preferred brand of all boat professionals: Boat builders, charter companies, boat detailers, shipyards, boat lovers and repair shops. Our boat polishes preserve value through the latest polishing technologies. They provide lasting gel coat protection against environmental influences. Salt, dirt, lime, plant growth and UV rays cannot harm the boat. You can choose from one premium system and two classic systems. Superior polishing processes let you work efficiently with low material input in less time.

High-tech boat polish with multiple benefits

Menzerna offers professional boat polishes for all types of gel coats. Our high-performance, variable polishing system is based on the latest technologies. We cover all stages: Optimum preparation of the surface for polishing is the first step. Deep scratches, chalking, yellowing and fender marks are then removed. Surface imperfections and repairs are matched as well. You can produce various gloss levels, all the way to hologram-free. In boat polishing, the gel coat is smoothed and preserved. The surface coating results in economical flow conditions. For lasting, spectacular and economical operating performance.

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