Reliable vehicle paint repairs for automotive paint and body shops

Auto Body and Paint shops put their trust in silicone - free car paint polishes from Menzerna

Menzerna automotive polishes are especially well suited for coating applications because they are free of silicones and fillers. Body and paint shops can eliminate coating damage quickly, repair defects reliably and blend areas effectively with Menzerna. Menzerna polishes are developed in cooperation with the leading coating manufacturers, making them suitable for all common coating systems - today and tomorrow.

Car paint repair-find the right polishing compound here

When it comes to clear coat repair - only the best is good enough

For vehicle coating operations, polishing is a means to an end: Coating surfaces have to be prepared and sanded prior to a coating repair. The coating has to be repaired after paintwork. Defects such as varnish runs, drips, inclusions or overspray should be eliminated. Blending is required to match the look of adjacent vehicle components. A polishing system has to be economical, especially for workshop applications. Short polishing times are in demand in order to focus on the core business. Highly abrasive products have to remove grinding marks as quickly as possible-even on hard coatings. Menzerna automotive polish without dust development is advantageous, especially in the sensitive coating environment. Polishing compounds and sealants free of volatile silicones and safe for coatings are essential for contactless processes in the workshop. Developed and proven on coating systems of the leading manufacturers: On hard or soft coatings, fresh or older generation coatings - with Menzerna, vehicle coating operations that repair automotive coatings consistently work with a polishing system based on industry standards.

Added value: Eliminate coating defects with Menzerna one-step products

Body and paint shops can offer their customers more with Menzerna one-step products. Eliminating process steps shortens the polishing process. That opens up options. For instance, a finish that was previously not possible for cost reasons, or a silicone-free sealant such as Menzerna Power Protect Ultra. With Menzerna high-performance polishes featuring the latest polishing technology, such as Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300, coating operations can eliminate coating damage quickly and process clear coats to the finish stage in one step. Menzerna  One-Step Polish 3 in 1 even offers polishing, finishing and sealing in a single product. That is polishing of the latest generation for coating repair: Perfect, high-gloss, protected surface finishes with results equal to professional vehicle detailing.

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