Car Wash Bucket


Menzerna Car Wash Bucket with GritGuard Insert

Deliver a clean surface with the high-quality and robust Menzerna car wash bucket. The 5 Gallon Car Wash Bucket includes a Grit Guard insert to prevent scratches during car washing. The Grit Guards insert separates the dirt, grit and grime from your wash mitt and provides a clean, scretch-free wash mitt. All off the potential harmful dirt settles in the bottom of the car wash bucket and stays under the sieve. The Menzerna car wash bucket protects your painted surfaces and saves your clear coat from swirl marks and scratches while hand washing your car. Moreover, the reinforced and ergonomic handle of the bucket makes it easy to transport. The Menzerna Car Wash Bucket is an essential cleaning accessory for a perfect surface!





  • significant reduction of swirls
  • GritGuard Insert
  • robust and long-lasting bucket
  • paint-gentle car wash
  • reinforced handle


Polishing tool:


Wash Mitt

Premium Micro fiber cloth



We recommend using two buckets when handwashing your car (two-bucket method). Fill the first bucket with clear water. Fill the second bucket with water and mix a professional car shampoo (e.g. MZ WASH). Dip the dirty wash mitt into the bucket with the clear water, clean thoroughly and wring it out. If the washing glove is clean, it can be dipped again into the 2nd bucket with car shampoo.



5 Gallons (19l) 26933.099.001

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