Premium Car Wash Mitt


The perfect combination: Menzerna Car Wash Mitt and MZ WASH

This premium car-washing mitt is gentle on the coat and therefore perfect for hand-washing vehicles. The soft, dense microfibers are ideal for absorbing dirt particles and are especially kind to clear coats. The network of links on the inside of the car wash mitt ensures superb comfort and stops the mitt from slipping off during use. This premium car-washing mitt is perfectly tailored to our MZ WASH car shampoo and supports the formation of foam. The Menzerna car wash mitt and MZ WASH are a dream team when it comes to gentle car-washing.





  • perfect absorption of dirt particles
  • soft, dense microfibers
  • gentle on automotive coats
  • easy to use, shape-retentive
  • high water absorption
  • supports the formation of foam
  • machine-washable (40°C)


Polishing tool:


Car Wash Bucket

Premium Micro fiber Cloth



Wash the car using the two-bucket method. Use straight motions when washing the car.



19x25 cm 26922.099.001

Process Example:
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