Emulsions: Systematic, premium quality

The right polishing compounds for any polishing objective

Menzerna offers the right emulsion for all classic polishing steps. This ensures that the right product is available for every application case in daily operations. Matting, brushing or high-gloss polishing, removal of sanding marks or throwing marks: The coherent polishing system from Menzerna covers all aspects of industrial polishing. The polishing process is optimised in coordination with upstream and downstream process steps.

Liquid polishing pastes for every polishing step

Technical consulting and process recommendations for industrial customers

Menzerna offers more than just the development and production of liquid polishing pastes. In addition to these offerings, Menzerna develops the best polishing process for industrial customers through goal-oriented technical consulting. The Menzerna process recommendations take into account the polishing parameters, the condition of the base surface, the desired quality of the surface finish and downstream processes in electroplating and anodising. All aspects of industrial polishing are covered by the coherent and variable Menzerna polishing system.

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