Convincing value perception

Household goods manufacturers count on Menzerna

Manufacturers of cookware, cutlery or kitchen sinks place great emphasis on high-quality surfaces. There is no subsequent coating of the products. That makes polishing especially important. Household goods must exhibit a deep, flawless mirror finish; even barely visible matting and polishing marks are not acceptable. Menzerna offers a high-performance product range for the household goods industry that results in a mirror finish customers expect from brand products of high quality.

Menzerna polishing emulsions for processing stainless steel

Polishing emulsions for processing brass

Focus on the economic efficiency of processes

In addition to high surface quality, household goods manufacturers value favourable consumption values, low wheel abrasion and short processing times. Thanks to many years of cooperating with the leading brand-name manufacturers, Menzerna polishing pastes are optimised for use in this industry and prove their performance on stainless steel and aluminium every day.

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