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Menzerna Polishes In India

Menzerna offers industry-specific polishing solutions: For the automated production lines of industrial enterprises, the automobile trade and for the marine sector. We develop innovative products for stable and fast processes. We offer customer-specific solutions for industrial applications. Menzerna develops processes to meet new requirements in terms of surfaces, materials and geometries. The multitude and type of industry requirements is always changing. That is why continuous further development is a matter of course for Menzerna. We also offer individual, customer-specific solutions – for the systematic improvement of polishing processes. So that economic efficiency and safety are consistently guaranteed for the work in your industry.

Industry-specific solutions from professionals for professionals

Menzerna Industry


Fully automated polishing requires process security. High throughput with a low scrap rate is elementary in the industrial sector. From aluminium decorative trim to sanitary fittings, household goods, furniture and musical instruments. Menzerna consistently supplies the right polishing agent and lends gloss to premium brands. With our manual polishing solutions, we also meet the highest standards in small series and for high-quality work pieces with difficult geometries.


Industrial users
Polishes Automotive


Menzerna has the right polishing solutions for the automobile industry: User-friendly products for refining, polishing, maintaining, repairing and protecting. For automobile manufacturers, automobile industry supplies, vehicle detailers and body & paint shops. Menzerna high-performance pastes consistently lead to the desired result. With low consumption values and high process speeds.


Automotive sector
Menzerna Distributor Marine


Working economically with systematic polishing processes: Menzerna offers products for the marine sector that transform gel coats with a brilliant new premium gloss. For boat builders, boat detailers and operations that maintain fleets.


Marine sector
Menzerna Dealer Trade


Menzerna has a worldwide network of qualified Menzerna dealers. Menzerna commercial partners benefit from a brand that has succeeded in the market for more than 125 years and a high-performance product range! Become a Menzerna dealer for automotive or boat polishes now!



Products tailored precisely to the field of application

Each sector has its own, individual requirements. Menzerna has the matching products. For fabricators of musical instruments, furniture manufacturers and their suppliers, fitting products and the household goods industry or the jewellery sector: Menzerna products are suitable for fully automated production processes used to manufacture large quantities and for manual workstations.
Menzerna offers systematic, fast polishing processes for the marine sector. Various aspects come to the foreground in the automobile industry: Automobile manufacturers and vehicle coating operations have to polish out isolated defects. The precision polishing of interior components and body trim is important for suppliers. Vehicle detailers focus maintaining value and on reconditioning. In coating operations and motor vehicle workshops, repairs and blending take centre stage. With polishing compounds from Menzerna, work can be performed safely and efficiently in all application cases.
The consumer electronics industry is a new Menzerna focal point. Finishing aluminium and plastic surfaces is takes centre stage here. The solutions offered by Menzerna overcome all challenges in this industry as well. Menzerna polishing compounds make the housings of mobile devices and smart phones shine with a brilliant gloss.

Developed especially for industry, automotive applications and the marine sector

You are involved in the industrial sector and are looking for a polishing compound to polish and refine your product? We know what ingredients have to be combined in order to achieve the desired surface quality. On any material and with suitable polishing methods. For the manufacturers of automobile trim components, musical instruments, furniture, sanitary fittings and the household goods industry.
You are part of the automotive sector? We work closely with the automobile industry and coating manufacturers. That is how we keep up with new developments in the coating field. We keep on developing even better products for you. For refining, polishing, maintaining, repairing and protecting. For automobile manufacturers, automobile industry supplies, vehicle detailers and coating operations.
You are a boat builder, boat detailer or you maintain a boat fleet? Menzerna offers the right polishing compound for the marine sector. We help you work economically with systematic polishing processes. The latest technologies for gel coat polishing and lasting protection.

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