Committed to the jewellery industry since 1888

Goldsmiths and watchmakers trust the quality of Menzerna products

When Friedrich Menzer started producing polishing compounds in Pforzheim back in 1888, pastes for the local jewellery industry were among the first products. Menzerna has stayed true to the jewellery industry with its high standards ever since. Only polishing transforms gold, silver and platinum jewellery into luxury articles with flawless, high-gloss surfaces.

Product range for the highest standards in precious metals

Product Range for processing stainless steel

Goldsmiths demand a low cut with the highest gloss level

When it comes to polishing precious metals, the cut must be kept as low as possible. Polished watch housings and armbands made of stainless steel have to exhibit a deep mirror finish, with no signs of micro-scratches or polishing marks even under a magnifying glass. With far more than 100 years of experience, Menzerna meets the highest standards of goldsmiths to this day. Menzerna polishing pastes emphasise the specific gold and silver gloss, effectively dissipate heat and keep the cut as low as possible.

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