When it comes to high gloss, Menzerna plays the first violin

Polishing brass instruments, string instruments and pianos

Violin and piano builders trust Menzerna. The ultimate mirror finish known as the “piano look” is of particular importance on dark coatings. For Menzerna, this is no trick but a matter of course. Menzerna customers in the musical instrument sector are uncompromising when it comes to the highest-grade, most delicate surfaces. The deepest, even mirror finish consistently ensures an impressive appearance for brass instruments. Polishing with Menzerna polishing pastes transforms saxophones and trumpets into true gems.

Solid polishing pastes for finishing wood instruments

Solid polishing pastes for finishing brass instruments

The right knack for a high-gloss finish

With Menzerna polishing pastes, manufacturers of musical instruments economically bring their products to a high gloss. Finishing the often complex product geometries requires experience and flair. The user is part of the process when polishing wood and brass by hand, determining the processing time, contact pressure and paste dosage on the polishing block. Changes on the product or in the polishing result are noted immediately. Menzerna stands for consistent, premium quality. That has made Menzerna the world’s largest manufacturer of solid polishing pastes.

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