Polishing coated surfaces to a high gloss with Menzerna gloss polish

Effective heat dissipation as the key to polishing success

Effective heat dissipation is the most essential polishing parameter for polishing sensitive coated surfaces. Only with high-performance polishing pastes that prevent surface heating through an optimised bond can industrial users polish their products to a high gloss.

polishing tools for steel

Perfectly fitting polishing systems thanks to continuous optimisation

Sanding and polishing the latest generations of coatings is becoming more and more difficult. That is why Menzerna works together with the leading coating manufacturers. This ensures from the outset that Menzerna can offer the right polishing system for every customer. Menzerna offers technical services to assist its customers with optimising their sanding process or systematically adapting it to the new generation of coatings.

Solid polishing pastes for the industrial processing of coated surfaces

Emulsionen zur industriellen Bearbeitung von lackierten Oberflächen

Gloss polish for processing clear coats in the automobile trade

Diverse fields of application for various types of coatings

Menzerna polishing pastes exhibit high performance on polyester coatings (PE lacquer), polyacrylic coatings, polyurethane coatings (PUR lacquer), one-component coatings, two-component coatings, coatings containing solvents, solvent-free coatings, VOC-free coatings, UV-setting coatings and heat-setting coatings. Coatings are used in a variety of ways for industrial applications. They are used primarily in vehicle and furniture construction, boat and yacht building, by kitchen manufacturers, in violin and piano fabrication, in arts and crafts, and by picture frame manufacturers. Sensitive surfaces are processed by automated robot systems or flatbed systems. Menzerna emulsions, solid polishing pastes, creams and gloss polishes are used for polishing.

Menzerna gloss polishes: the solution for every industry

Especially on dark coatings, gloss polishes and lotions produce a brilliant deep gloss. Gloss polishes from Menzerna are used in vehicle detailing, paint shops, car dealerships and garages to polish out defects with rotative polishing machines. After a repair, the coated surfaces are matched by polishing with a gloss polish. Premium automobile manufacturers also put their trust in the one-step products and gloss polishes from Menzerna in their production lines. With Menzerna, processing times are reduced to a minimum.

Practical tips for industrial operations: efficient polishing of coated surfaces

Cutting speeds depend on the temperature sensitivity of the coating and range from 6 to 24 m/s. Sanding has a significant influence on the surface quality after polishing. If final sanding is too coarse, the subsequent polishing process will take too long. Then the surface tends to heat up a lot. This leads to the risk of surface matting and sinking. Often what is called “orange peel” will form. High-performance polishing pastes from Menzerna adhere better to the polishing wheel thanks to an optimised bond. They also dissipate heat effectively from the surface. Process recommendations from Menzerna assist industrial users with the optimisation of their polishing processes. We help the bring PE coatings and PU coatings to a high gloss, mirror finish or deep mirror finish in a maximum of two stages after roughing with a P600 or P800 grit.

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