Polishing pastes for a flawless gloss

Polishing precious metal: an art that Menzerna has mastered

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At Menzerna it all started with the polishing of precious metals. This is how the foundation for the company with its orientation was laid. It all began in 1888 with the polishing of precious metals in the gold town of Pforzheim. We have been ensuring the flawless gloss of precious metals with our solid polishing pastes since our founding. Continuous optimisation guarantees consistently high quality. Thus we are always able to meet the highest standards. There is good reason that goldsmiths and watchmakers continue to be among our most discerning customers today, trusting in the product quality of Menzerna.

Solid polishing pastes for processing precious metals

High gloss on gold, silver and platinum with polishing pastes from Menzerna

Watches made of precious metals or jewellery in gold, silver or platinum. They all have one thing in common. Only the highest gloss lends them their value and elegance. A flawless gloss is essential to turn precious metals into real treasures. Yet the polishing process is demanding. Precious metals are valuable and above all highly sensitive materials. This is a challenge for polishing systems. Any kind of cut is undesirable in the end result. Yet the deepest mirror finish has to be produced at the same time. Menzerna offers the right paste solution to overcome this challenge. Polishing pastes from Menzerna bring out the specific gold and silver gloss, ensure effective heat dissipation and keep the cut as low as possible. Gold, silver and titanium are transformed into valuable highlights with polishing minerals of top quality in usually dry polishing pastes.

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