Higher quality, lower costs

Menzerna Industry Consulting makes polishing processes more economical

Menzerna Consulting provides integrated support for Menzerna’s industry customers. With a unique combination of an innovative range of high-performance products and goal-oriented consulting, Menzerna has developed a data-driven approach for the systematic improvement of sanding and polishing processes. The goals: improved economic efficiency, greater stability of sanding and polishing processes, better surface quality and a sound basis for decision-making. In close cooperation with persons responsible for processes at industrial enterprises, Menzerna Consulting finds potential for savings and improvements in sanding and polishing processes based exclusively on objective measurement data..

Process partnerships as the basis for success

Menzerna provides integrated support for its customers through partnership and dialogue: in process development, when the goal is to improve the surface quality in sanding and polishing, to reduce scrap rates, or to make sanding and polishing processes more stable. Optimising costs by investigating the service life of polishing rings and buffing wheels and reducing cycle times leads to higher productivity and lower costs for consumables. Menzerna’s consulting services unburden its customers by eliminating time-consuming test series. By studying the cost-effectiveness of automated sanding and polishing systems, production and staff departments in manufacturing companies are provided with a solid basis for their investment decisions.

Gut instinct was yesterday – consulting with measurable results counts today

Ultimate Polish Industry consulting


Menzerna Consulting helps industrial operations improve their sanding and polishing processes. In cooperation with the persons responsible for processes at industrial enterprises, we use a data-driven approach to develop processes that work.


Industrial consulting

High-performance polishing systems made in Germany for your brand

Suppliers of automotive accessories and care products benefit from Menzernas comprehensive service in the private label segment. Innovative formulations, a wide variety of packaging possibilities with a label designed by you and technical training for your own sales team ensure you will be successful in sales. Menzerna automotive polishes under a private label, with the latest polishing technology and systematic alignment with your market and the needs of your customers, are sure to convince. Menzerna has the experience and production capacities in Germany to reliably supply large commercial enterprises.

Menzerna stands for reliable partnerships

Menzerna has the experience and production capacities to reliably supply large commercial enterprises. As a preferred development and production partner for the industry, we stand for products of high quality that enhance the competitive advantages of our customers. We reliably support the success of our partners based on more than 125 years of experience. Leading premium automobile manufacturers have long since put their trust in Menzernas polishing know-how. Our automotive polishes cover all polishing stages. They are proven in practice, highly effective and of outstanding quality. Polishing pads complete the offering.

Private label: End-to-end service from one source

Rubbing Compound Private Label


With Menzerna, category managers in retail and sales organisations for automotive chemicals and car care products have a selection of proven and innovative automotive polish formulations available to them.


Private Label
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