Menzerna sanding and polishing pastes

Precise and variable to reach the goal

The solid sanding and polishing pastes from Menzerna are assigned to the classic polishing steps in everyday operations. A cohesive and variable polishing system is the result. It covers all aspects of industrial polishing.

The right solid polishing compound for every polishing step

Technical consulting and process recommendations for industrial customers

In addition to the development and production of solid sanding and polishing compounds, Menzerna supports industrial customers with technical consulting. The result: Methods that work and optimise the polishing process. Menzerna offers a cohesive and variable polishing system. It covers all aspects of industrial polishing. Menzerna assists industrial customers with the selection of the right polishing pastes - with numerous process recommendations for various materials, base surfaces and desired surface finishes.

Process security thanks to a user-friendly system

Menzerna is premium – also with product labelling of the solid polishing pastes. Colour coding assigns the polishing pastes to the various polishing stages. A QR code on each product links to the corresponding technical data sheet. Additional product information and processing instructions make work much easier for the user.

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