Menzerna solid polishing compounds for the highest surface quality on all materials

Our standard: Optimised bond, better adhesion, effective heat dissipation

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Menzerna is the world’s largest manufacturer of solid polishing compounds. We offer an economical product range for surface processing in industry and trades. We are a full-range supplier. Our product range includes solid polishing pastes for all polishing stages and all common materials. Aluminium, stainless steel, brass or coated wood surfaces – Menzerna can be counted on to set surface quality standards. Menzerna solid compounds are suitable for manual workstations as well as fully automated polishing systems.

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Every material has its own unique characteristics. Menzerna solid polishing pastes are carefully tailored to the respective surface and its initial quality. Choose the desired surface.


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From Super Heavy Cut to Super Finish: Menzerna has assigned the solid polishing pastes to the common polishing stages. This is user-friendly and ensures process security. Choose the desired polishing stage.


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A perfect composition: Menzerna solid polishing compounds

Various aspects have to be considered for a good polishing paste. Short polishing times, low consumption, consistent quality and of course a perfect polishing result are the main considerations. But easy dosage and a long life are also important. Our solid pastes satisfy all the requirements for manual polishing and fully automated polishing systems of industrial enterprises. Our polishing pastes are the best choice for high-quality work pieces with a wide variety of geometries. The formulations are perfectly tailored to the base surface. As the largest manufacturer in the world, we have the required specific know-how. Our product range includes products for all materials and polishing stages. Thanks to our process technology expertise, we are able to produce especially homogeneous polishing pastes with a low grease content. A clear colour code on the packaging ensures maximum user-friendliness and process security.

Formulated for ultimate performance: Solid polishing compounds for aluminium, stainless steel, brass and coated wood surfaces

Not all polishing agents are created equal. Solid polishing compounds have to meet a variety of requirements depending on the material. For example, a polishing paste with a higher grease content should be used on hard aluminium alloys. The polishing compound is not permitted to leave any polishing marks when polishing brass components. That is because these polishing defects only become visible after galvanising. The most effective possible heat dissipation on coated surfaces should be guaranteed. Avoiding surface wear or waves is the objective here. Our solid polishing compounds are especially designed for delicate surfaces. With Menzerna solid compounds, you get flawless results even on the most difficult work piece geometries with short polishing times. For polishing decorative aluminium parts, cutlery, fittings, furniture, musical instruments and jewellery: You cannot go wrong with Menzerna solid compounds.

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