Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 GREEN LINE


High Performance Compound for maximum abrasion, without hazardous solvents.

This VOC-free high-performance compound leads the field in the removal of sanding marks by lengths. Healthier and more comfortable working in professional automotive finishing and paintwork applications. Removes 1500 grit sanding marks and sign of use in the shortest time without aggressive solvents. No damage to the user's health. High performance finish thanks to the latest polishing technologies with diminishing abrasives.


Cut / Gloss:
10 / 6



  • Extremly high abrasion
  • Extremly fast removal of sanding marks
  • High yield
  • Premium Polishing compounds
  • No dust formation
  • VOC-free in according with DIN EN ISO 11890-2
  • Free from unpleasant solvent odors
  • Easy to handle
  • Silicone free


Polishing tool:

Lambs wool



rotary, orbital



250ml 22201.281.001

1l 22201.261.001

1kg 22201.260.001

Process Example:
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